Helping Clients Drive Business Value

Through Strategic Communications

Brand Alignment and

Stakeholder Engagement


Strategic Communications

Strategic communications can make the difference between brand allegiance and audience apathy. Aligned with core business goals, it can drive business value and maximize social impact. Evolved into a campaign, it can shape a global issue, motivate a movement, create a new category, drive purchasing decisions, and translate thought leadership into true audience engagement.

Brand Alignment

Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what your audiences say it is. Brand alignment bridges the two: between your vision and theirs. Your program and theirs. Your motivation and theirs. It establishes a connection point to rally around a common purpose, encouraging all of your stakeholders to share in your vision. And help make it a reality.

Stakeholder Engagement

Knowing your audiences and what motivates them is just as important as knowing your organization and what you’re trying to accomplish. Enter ‘stakeholder influence models.’ A new approach to understanding your most important audiences, qualifying/quantifying their value to you, and developing the strategies that influence their involvement with your organization, product or program. Then leveraging their involvement to create a multiplier effect – with each other, your brand and your business.